SUMMER 2019 PROGRAMS: Please note that all programs are open to entrepreneurs age 9-14 and run from 9am-4pm each day (before + after care available). Please scroll down for detailed FAQs.

B.CAMP Entrepreneurs move from idea to pitch to profitable business in 5 short days. Join us for this action-packed week with focused sprints on idea generation, market research, brand creation, promotional strategy, budgeting, pitching, and going to market. Entrepreneurs donate 10% of profit to charity and split the rest to take home!

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B.CAMP: SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP We believe that business is a powerful force for good. During our Social Entrepreneurship session we will immerse our students into socially-conscious business models: for-profit with giveback, B-corp, and non-profit organizations. We will explore the pros and cons of each option through case studies and speakers, and provide an introduction to topics such as 501c3 registration, fundraising, and Board development. Students will work in small teams to launch their own social venture (either for or non-profit) at end of week.

B.CAMP: GIRLS All of the learning and fun of our program, but tailored just for girls. Sessions feature all-female Investor Panels on Pitch Day, specific venues packed with great female role models, and additional lady boss success stories to learn from as our girls work toward launching a real business.


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What happens during a week at
During a week at our entrepreneurs age 9-14 work toward launching their own REAL small business. They brainstorm a product idea, perform market research, design a logo, manage a budget, make a website, style an Instagram post, make t-shirts, distribute flyers, film a commercial, and enter the Shark Tank before making their first sale. Entrepreneurs donate 10% of profit to a charity of their choice and split the balance with their teammates. It's a week packed with learning, action, and fun.

Do students return for multiple years of
Yes, students regularly return to our summer camps several years in a row. Typically a third to half of each group consists of veteran students. Returning students are given a more advanced title [Entrepreneur -> Executive -> Director -> CEO] and are continuously challenged as they seek to launch bigger and better businesses each time. Although we intentionally reinforce entrepreneurship foundations each year, we add all new lessons, activities, and games to keep things fresh.

Do students return for multiple sessions of in the same summer?
We do often see students return for two sessions with a different overall theme (e.g., one and one Social Entrepreneurship). Occasionally we do host an enthusiastic student for two B.camps during the same summer. Students are welcome to join for more than one session, but please note that the lesson content will be same week to week. The entrepreneur will, however, have an opportunity to launch a new business in a new venue with a new team, which provides some true variety!

Will my child feel too old/young in this group? We group students by age in teams of 3-4 entrepreneurs almost immediately upon arriving at Entrepreneurs work closely in these teams throughout the week, with constant coaching from their Team Leader. We ensure that business teams select products that will provide an appropriate challenge for their age and ability level. We provide additional challenges to our older and/or more experienced students as they prepare their businesses.

Is food provided?
No, we ask that our students bring a packed lunch to camp (with the exception of our session at Chick-fil-A, where food is provided by the Chick-fil-A Foundation).

Are scholarships available?
Yes, a limited number of partial and full needs-based scholarships are awarded each year. Applications can be found at this link. Please note that the final deadline for scholarship applications is 5pm on Friday, March 29; however, we award scholarships on a rolling basis. So, we encourage you to apply early and provide as much flexibility on sessions as you can. These scholarships are intended for families for whom the cost of tuition would represent a significant financial burden.

Who runs the program?
Each camp is led by a Program Director with several years of post-college experience. The group is supported by 4 exceptional college students (most are Business majors) who coach our students through the process of launching their business. Our average staff:student ratio is 6:1, which is significantly lower than other academic programs for this age group (8:1 is generally considered extremely low).

Can my son/daughter select teammates?
Yes! We love to see friends participate in together. Please indicate the friend's name on the designated spot on the registration form and we will team them together. Groups of 3-4 friends will generally work as a closed team; however groups of 2 friends should expect a new friend or two to join. Please note that we try to keep teams close in age so that we can tailor the curriculum and experience. If siblings or friends are more than 2 years apart we ask that they work on separate teams.

Do you provide a sibling discount? is an enrichment program with an extremely low staff:student ratio. It is an expensive program to operate, so we set our tuition rates to accommodate as many students as possible. Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide additional sibling discounts.

Can my son/daughter work on a business idea that they have been pursuing at home?
We ask that each student join with a completely open mind as to what business will be pursued. The entire team of 3-4 students must be in enthusiastic agreement about the business idea. However, students regularly take the skills learned at camp and apply them to grow their own business (we find that they need strong fundamentals in our one-week bootcamp first). Our fall program, The Accelerator, is a perfect next step for students ready to take their own business to the next level. alumni receive info about the Accelerator at the end of their week of camp.

My son/daughter requires special assistance and/or disciplinary intervention in a regular classroom - is a good fit?
Unfortunately we are not equipped to support significant special accommodations in the program. Although our staff:student ratios are extremely low, our students are asked to accomplish a lot in one week. So, our Business Coaches are not able to offer 1:1 focus to individuals at the expense of the team. If your student has an IEP, or you have concerns about their ability to participate, we strongly suggest that you reach out to us to discuss prior to registration, since we are not able to provide refunds in the event of students who are unable to thrive in the environment. Disciplinary problems will be handled in a "three strikes" manner, with parents notified for each strike and the student asked to leave the program without a tuition refund in case of a third strike. In case of individual questions, please reach out to

What is the refund policy?

  • We will gladly swap you into another session free of charge at any time (pending available space)

  • Before May 1: Tuition paid less $100

  • Between May 1 and 14 days before start of camp: Tuition paid less $200

  • Within 14 days of camp start: No refunds available

Additional questions?
Please send us an email: