We coach organizations (schools, non-profits, companies) to launch their own 1-week for students age 9-14.

What we provide

  • In-depth training to certify your leader as a BiB Business Coach
  • A full week's curriculum to go from zero to pitch to LAUNCH!
  • The supplies and support that will enable you to run a with excellence

what you provide

  • A fun venue to host a group of 20-30 entrepreneurs
  • A strong leader + teacher to serve as BiB Business Coach
  • 4+ support staff
  • A group of 20-30 entrepreneurs excited to participate


Partners may be Atlanta-based (preference to OTP) or from other cities. To join our community of Partners, please email for more info.

The partnership between Loveworks Leadership and Break Into Business was spot on! We believe that acquiring entrepreneurial skills is essential for this generation of middle and high school students. The intersection of learning, mentorship, and real-life experience is a powerful combination that lights a fire in the hearts of students to discover their potential and take the courageous steps toward the dreams in their hearts. I highly recommend the Break Into Business curriculum.
— Michael Hirsch, Executive Director @ Loveworks Leadership (Norman, OK)