How to Talk to your Young Entrepreneur: Step 2

How to Talk to your Young Entrepreneur: Step 2

Last edition we encouraged you to Convert Complaints into Conversations to inspire entrepreneurial thinking in your son or daughter. Next step:

Turning Passion Into Pay

Each child is uniquely gifted and passionate. We love showing our students how to transform those passions into business opportunities when it makes sense to do so.

A great place to start is by identifying a passion that your entrepreneur has (e.g., singing, drawing, writing, playing basketball) and ask one important question: How could you HELP someone by using your passion?

Don't worry about starting out with the million dollar idea. You'd be amazed at how many businesses start small - and sometimes by accident - when students share their passion.

Two of our favorite examples from the BiB community:

Cook Me Up a Notch

Ashalah loves to bake. She started hosting classes at her home for the kids in her neighborhood. From there her business, Cook Me Up a Notch, has grown to offer birthday parties and baked goods for special occassions. 

Homeless at Heart

Charles was leaving a basketball game downtown when he noticed a homeless family. He had the idea to create shoeboxes full of supplies and a Valentine's card. Two years later, Homeless at Heart distributed over 5,000 boxes!