How to Talk to your Young Entrepreneur: Step 1

How to Talk to your Young Entrepreneur: Step 1

You don't have to be an entrepreneur yourself in order to engage your son or daughter in important conversations about business. An entrepreneurial mindset starts at home and is built over time. Here is your beginner's guide!

Convert Complaints into Conversations

A great place to start is by encouraging something that many kids have a natural gift for: complaining! Great entrepreneurs see every problem or inconvenience as an opportunity

The next time you are stuck in a long line at the grocery store, eating a mediocre dinner on the run, or getting frustrated with a product that doesn't quite do what it's supposed to, engage your entrepreneur in brainstorming how he/she would do things differently. Ask questions like:

  • "If this were your business, how would you change things?"
  • "If money was not a concern, what product or service would you create to solve this problem?"
  • "Would customers really be willing to pay us to eliminate their frustration? Why? How much?"