Bring a Little BiB To Your Class...

Business is a powerful tool to engage students and to bring important math concepts to life. A Break Into Business classroom workshop or project is the best way to bring fun, energy, and learning to your school. Our classroom programs range from a one-class workshop to a month-long project that will empower your young entrepreneurs.

Classroom Workshops

About: Break Into Business hosts 1.5 hour workshops in local classrooms (4th through 8th grade, with increasing levels of difficulty). Two topics are available:

  • Entrepreneurship: A high-energy and interactive intro to BiB’s “5 Ps of Entrepreneurship”: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, and Pitch. Students will walk away with the knowledge and enthusiasm to launch their first business. Workshop reinforces business math covered as part of school curriculum.
  • Intro to the Stock Market: Your class will be fascinated by this inside look into the ins and outs of the stock market and investing. We’ll cover basic vocabulary, discuss why stocks go up and down (with real-life video based examples), determine the price of a share, and talk about how to get started as an investor.

 Cost: $250 (additional $50 travel cost for venues located OTP). Please email to book a workshop for your class.

Classroom Projects

About: Each semester Break Into Business offers a limited number of large-scale entrepreneurship projects for students in 4th-8th grade. Typically we work with one entire grade level of students (30-80 students). 

Over the course of 6-8 weeks students are guided through the process of launching their own real small business. The program consists of 2 workshop sessions, a pitch practice, a "Shark Tank"-style event, and a Business Fair. Additional opportunities for integration into classroom curriculum are possible (e.g., performing market research and consolidating results as part of a mathematics class). 

The Break Into Business Classroom Project is a high-energy and hands-on introduction to entrepreneurship that will spark a passion in each of your students.

Cost: Depends on class size and logistics.. Please email for more information.