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5 sessions of focused instruction covering: 

People, Product, Profit, Promotion, Pitch 

250+ profitable businesses launched.

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Self-Guided LAUNCH

Coached LAUNCH


5-session course (video lessons + activities) to follow on your own schedule


5-session course featuring scheduled 1.5 hour meetings via Zoom

Work through the content on your own time, receiving email feedback from our Business Coaches along the way!


Join a team of up to 15 entrepreneurs and 2 Business Coaches.

Upload your Pitch Video to the course   platform for feedback + prizes!


Pitch your business to investors on the last , day, with real seed funds at stake!

$75 per student


$125 per student

Age 7-9 w/ parent help, 10-14 independently

9-14 years old

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What to Expect from Both Programs 

5 Steps to a Profitable Business

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Understand the roles required in running a business, and where *your* strengths lie

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We'll help you identify a "SUPA Star" product and learn the Break Into Business Product Guidelines

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Break out the spreadsheets to forecast your costs, estimate revenue, then calculate profit!

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Learn how to get your Target Customers excited about your biz.

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Learn the qualities of a GREAT PITCH, then pitch for real seed funds and prizes!

The Next Step


What Parents Have to Say

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My daughter had a blast learning about what it takes to build a business and enjoyed learning from her enthusiastic and fun coaches!

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