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What happens during a week at Break Into Business Entrepreneurship Camp?
During a week at Break Into Business our entrepreneurs age 9-14 work toward launching their own REAL small business. They brainstorm a product idea, perform market research, design a logo, manage a budget, make a website, style an Instagram post, make t-shirts, distribute flyers, film a commercial, and enter the Shark Tank before making their first sale. Entrepreneurs donate 10% of profit to a charity of their choice and split the balance with their teammates. It's a week packed with learning, action, and fun.

Do students return for multiple years of Break Into Business camp?
Yes, Break Into Business students regularly return to our summer camps several years in a row. Typically half to a third of each group consists of veteran students. Returning students are given a more advanced title [Entrepreneur -> Executive -> Director -> CEO] and are continuously challenged as they seek to launch bigger and better businesses each time.

Are scholarships available?
Yes, a limited number of partial and full needs-based scholarships are awarded each year. Applications can be found at this link. Our first round of applications has been processed but we will accept additional applications on a rolling basis depending on availability of spots and funds. These scholarships are intended for families for whom the cost of tuition would represent a very significant financial burden.

Who runs the program?
Each camp is led by a Director with several years of post-college experience. The group is supported by 4 exceptional college students (most are Business majors) who coach our students through the process of launching their business.

Can my son/daughter select teammates?
If your son or daughter has a friend or sibling who will be joining for camp, they are welcome to work together on the same team. Please indicate the friend's name on the designated spot on the registration form. Please note that we try to keep teams close in age so that we can tailor the curriculum and experience. If siblings are more than 2 years apart we ask that they work on separate teams.

Can my son/daughter work on a business idea that they have been pursuing at home?
During our Entrepreneurship class we ask that each student join camp with a completely open mind as to what business will be pursued. The entire team of 4 students must be in enthusiastic agreement about the business idea, so existing businesses are typically not appropriate. However, students regularly take the skills learned at camp and apply them to grow their own business. Our fall program, The BiB Incubator, is a perfect next step for students ready to take their own business to the next level. Our Advanced Class students will work on their own business idea during the week.

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